Welders and brazers certification

Certification of welders under the 2014/68/EU directive:

Since Hungary joined the European Union, there is no more possibility for issuing welders’ certificates like those issued before 01 May, 2004 with extensions widely known as NYEBSZ, KBSZ, MBF and MBH.


Subsequent to 01 May, 2004, in Hungary the several times modified Decree No. 9/2001.(IV.5.)GM is valid that corresponds to Directives 97/23/EK (PED) and 87/404 EEC (SPVD) of the European Union. Item 3.1.2 of Attachment 6 to this Decree requires that in case of manufacturing pressure vessels belonging to categories II, III and IV the personnel preparing permanent joints (welders and solderers) shall be approved by a Third Party organization or a Notified Body.


Since the 97/23/EK (PED) directive is not anymore valid since the 19th July 2016, the only way to certify welders of pressure equipments is only possible according to the 2014/68/EU directive Annex I., item 3.1.2. The welders has to be certified according to the appropriate harmonized standards or equivalent examination and test.


The Hungarian Association of Welding Technology and Material Testing is an organization assigned for this task by the Hungarian state and is also notified in Brussels as a third party according to the 97/23/EK directive. So there is no trouble at all for the MHtE to conduct activities in this field, too.


The MHtE undertakes to certify welders under non-directive liable applications. 


In order to apply for an examination, please, fill in the application form to be found on the website www.mhte.hu or contact our secretariat.